The Robinson Family
When You Hire The Robinson Family For Your Event You Will Be Bringing In A Long History Of Great Music And Family Fun.
The Robinson Family Has Performed At Fairs And Festivals From Palm Springs California To Boston Massachusetts And From Seattle Washington To Ft. Pierce Florida.
The Robinson Family Has A Rich History Of Service To Many Clients In The United States, Canada, And Mexico. Folks Give Us A Try You Won’t Be Disappointed. If You Want A Family Show That The Entertains The Grand Kids To The Grand Parents Look No Further!!!!!

Browse Through Our Web Site. Enjoy And Please Get In Touch With Mark Robinson To Find Out More Information About This Family.
Let The Robinson Family Make A Difference In Your Community.

This will be our 36th year performing all over this wonderful and blessed country of ours.
We have had so many folks share with our family how much we mean to them in many different ways and this means so much to us. From our family to yours we want to say how special you are to us. From the cards you send us to the times you have been with us through those crazy nights tearing down our tent after our show until 2AM driving through the morning hours until 9AM then taking 6 hours to set back up to be ready for a show that afternoon. Awesome times... When you come to the Kentucky Jamboree we will share some of these experiences with you throughout the show.

Sometimes we take for granted how much of this country we have seen and experienced from the mountains of Colorado to the mountains of New York, the valleys of northern Nevada to the plains of Texas, the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico, and the Pacific Ocean to the Great Lakes, from the Hoover Dam and Lake Meade to the lights of Las Vegas. Wow! Sometimes it is hard to take it all in. The first five or six years of traveling we didn't take much time to see this great country but finally we slowed down to take it in. Awesome!!! Traveling in five buses and two tractor trailers, - what an amazing site seeing us coming down the road. The fuel stops surely loved us. Well, when you come see our show or come over to our house (the theatre), say hello to mom, Mary Ruth; dad, Jackie Fay; son, Mark; wife, Sharron; and grandchildren; Andrew, Michael, and Samantha and great friend Iro. We will "See ya there".

Everytime I see You Video
Don Watson. What can we say; he has come into our family and helped to build a wonderfully rounded sound. He plays keys and guitar and wow can he play that guitar! Don also has a great voice and blends in with harmonies. He has an amazing itinerary playing in multiple bands in the Louisville KY area.
Don has been a blessing to this simple yet exciting Family Show.

Our family wants to thank the Canfield Fair from the bottom of our hearts for the many wonderful years. So many times groups like ours have the opportunity to play maybe two or three years at any one fair. Canfield gave us 26. What a blessing... We want to thank the board members staff and volunteers for making our family so welcome for all these wonderful years.

For our "Canfield Family"
The many wonderful folks that we have grown up with and now our children have grown up with, Thank you!!!
For the love kindness and friendship you have all given Thank You...
You will not be forgotten.
From Mom and Dad All the Children and Grand Children we send our love and gratitude.

We Will Miss You all
Like The Wonderful Song Says
Till We Meet Again